Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Just wanted all to know that I am going to be a Great Granny again. My oldest daughters son...not even dry behind the ears yet. 18.. She is so happy tho so I am too.
Got The Old Woman cross stitch out of her bag yesterday as I wanted to take her to Tombstone with me. I am over half way through. So the quicker I get her done I can start Cinderella. I decided to make a cute Christmas stocking a(small) ornament for the residents here in the park. That would be 36 have 4 done. Maybe will get some done as we will be in Tomstone A
rizona for 4 days. He shoots and I do what I want to..guess what I am taking yowwww the old woman and ornament fabric. Decided also to make larger ornaments for kids and grandchildren.

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