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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Finally got a stitching update. I laid Cinderella down when I started knitting this winter but I messed up and had the page done but not the back stitching so had to finish that and started the wing and hat on the witch. Well they are done now and I am ready to move on with the cross stitching and another page. Whewwwwww.L luv the little mouse in the corner in the shoe planter and have somemore in the picture. I will have fun for a little while till the backstitching. I always do it when I finish a page or I would never finish anything.
I am still knitting tho too. Stitch in the day time and knit at night. I find that real easy to enjoy both my hobbies that I love. I am making a pair of slippers for a friend that winters with us and he is retarded but he saw my slippers this winter and really like them. Need to sew them and make the pom pom . Told him to watch the mail and I would knit him a pair for his birthday. Well it is here and I will send them off maybe tomorrow.
Living in New Mexico is wonderful in the winter but oh how the spring winds have been blowing with el nino hanging around. Be glad when it is over. Makes everyone irritable when they cannot get outside. Arghhh. My cacti are really blooming tho, yellow, red, white. I love them.
Guess this is enough for this time. Need to mark some more little squares on my material so I can get started with the cross stitches.LOL Hope everyone is have a great week..stitching and just ordinary life. Till next time...

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