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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Second week on Circles

Finished page one of Circles and started no.2 It sure is fun
stitching on. Do not even get dizzy.LOL
I have been checking finishes on ILCS and new starts and there are some pretty nice projects out there. Good job all.

RV park is still full and a lot of nice people. Other then checking on others nothing much going on in my life.

Savannah started crawling this week so now the fun starts.
She will be all over the house. Mother needs to put a bell around her neck as they have a good sized house.

Allergies are really bothering me and my eyes. Hard to stitch but I am still doing it through the watery eyes.

I apologize for the picture. Not very good but you get the jist.Need to really keep on busting it so I can get it finished to enter into the fair. September is the State Fair.

Till later stitchers. Keep on stitching... full steam ahead.

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