Thursday, July 9, 2009

Im still here

Not much going on in my life. This is page 3 and 6 of 6 so I am moving along. Also doing a bookmark for a friends birthday end of this month so I am busy stitching. Actually didnt get much stitching done over weekend as I was taking money, selling ice, and etc. Have started page 2 now. I am working right to left so I dont put my grimmy hands on what I have already done. LOL I am left handed.
The RV park made it through the fourth and there was 150,000 people here at our three lakes but 140,000 of them were here at Elephant Butte. That kind of a crowd makes us the 2nd largest city in the state. I was full and no problems. Glad it is over tho and we are back to being normal.
Also had a beautiful fireworks program. No rain either...We had some nice rains in June but are now having the heat. 98 today.
Oops, had a meeting for the Lodgers Tax board meeting this morning...City Hall just called and I had forgotten but they didnt have a quorum anyway so rescheduled. I like to spend the Citys money. LOL
Well I am getting hungry so guess will fix me some oatmeal and toast for breakfast. Sounds good to me.... Have a great day all and all stitchers keep on stitchin. Adios

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