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Sunday, July 19, 2009

OOPS I cant find it....

Clark family are showing off the 8 month old great granddaughter. She is so tiny and petite. Mommy says I m trying to get out of my crib by pulling up on rails. Also now pulling up to moms nice pretty things sitting around. Time for her to start saying no no do not touch. LOL But maybe if I smile at her she will forgive me. I bet I will try. Until next time have a great day. Oh yes I am still teething...thinking about getting some teeth like great grandma has if mom will let me. Ha Bye

Well I did something stupid I guess. Finished this bookmark for a friend of mine that lived here for 4-5 years but had to return to California. Her birthday is the 26th of this month so did this butterfly bookmark...Got ready to iron the back on and guess what can not be found. Had the iron heating ..card written in..I was moving right along and it would be on time. Tore up this 35 ft. travel trailer...loking for it and it is gone. The onhly thihg I can figure out is I have a stand next to where I stitch and also a trash basket...Could it have fallen in there...Guess we will never know.

SO next step quick order from 123 stitch. Joanne is such a sweetheart and my package was on its way yesterday. Order 1 day and out the next. So I get to do a over..LOL Of course that was my last bookmark..and no where to buy them here in town.
Well story over order on its way and I will survive.

I almost have the 3rd page done on Circles but this will set that back a day or two as I will need to get the bookmark in the mail.

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