Monday, September 28, 2009


Well I made it.... 3 1/2 months and it is stitched,all 19, 968 stitches, framed and ready for the Southern New Mexico fair in Las Cruces. We will take it down this afternoon. Kind of excited...I think it looks pretty sharp but I only framed it to take to the fair and to keep it from getting dirty. If I keep it for myself I will do a different frame job on it. I will run down and pick it up and bring it up here to the Sierra County Fair the next week.

Have gone back to working on the Christmas kittens and then I will be getting the Old Woman in the shoe out of her bag. Hope she is rested and does not give me any trouble. LOL

I did not realize I had not written on here for this long. Guess my life is not very interesting. Well the RV park is full and I have been trimming trees and painting picnic tables. This sun really makes em fade so I will give em all a little fresh paint.

Heres the little rug rat. She is 9 months in this picture and was nine months on the 12th of this month. Need some new pictures. She sure is thinking about something. She is also pushing her jumpy seat and walking behind it. Will not be long now.
Well I must get my day started ...the wind is blowing hard today and so that gives me the I do not want to so might get some cross stitching in.
Oh yow I forgot I have started a cowboy Christmas stocking for Derrick the great grandson. It should be cute as he lives in Texas and loves cowboy boots. I ordered some faux fir for the top of it instead of the felt.
He just turned 2 years old this month.
That is my update on Great Grandkids and stitching...
later all and keep up the stitching. Great ornaments everyone is making on ther I L C S site. Just got my Just Cross stitch magazine so hopefully I will get a couple of those done. Really neat ones.

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