Sunday, December 20, 2009


Think I am done with my cross stitching for Christmas, cards are out, See all the little stocking ornaments in front of the tree. I made 33 of them to put in their dinner invitations for everyone in the park. It was fun and everyone really enjoyed them. Especially the men that are alone. I still have some baking and candy making to do but still have this week. We will be cooking Christmas dinner for all again this year.
Have not had anytime for Cinderella cross stitching this month at all. Just too busy. I still have a knit dishcloth to finish for the lady that cleans our cloub house and bathrooms. Should be finished tonight as I watch football. Going to cut out some cookies after I get all my updates on these sites finished.
Our weather is holding out beautifully...chilly at night 25-38 and 50-60 highs. Really nice. I decorated in front of my rv so will try and get a picture or two this evening. Nothing fancy but at least I did it.
Hope everyone has happy holidays and if you are traveling please be careful. Want to see you back on line after words.
Now it is time for the latest antic of a 1 year old. Got to love it as I have been there as you all probably were; Mommy just vacumed couch and Savannah is caught eating her Ritz crackers on there...but I do not think she meant to get it dirty. LOL Who me???? If I act bashful and cute she will not get mad...Yow right.

Well gang that is all for this time. Just busy busy and more busy...Got to run Bye.

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