Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Let is snow, let it snow Dec. 2009

Well woke up to the white stuff on the ground ..beautiful but glad I do not live where I would see a foot or so. This is over an inch and the cacti are saying yeah... a drink of water. Seems like only in the la Nina years do we get snow...

I have a 7 pound little pomeranian and I opened the door this morning... she put her brakes on and looked up at me like now what do I do. I laughed and told her to go potty. In disgust and thinking what is this she got down off the porch but she sure did not want to. Those little feet tracks said she was doing some circles. Not using the lawn furniture either.
As bad as I do not like snow it is beautiful and we only see it about every 5 years.SOOO I should not hoaller. It makes the farmers happy, the cacti happy, my lake recreation people happy so all is good. Just had to share with you... But guess what Pat is happy as this will be a great stitching day. Ham and potato soup in the slow cooker and we will all be happy. Win win situation.

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