Monday, February 1, 2010

January 2010 update

What a year that just ended and now we have a new one beginning. I kind of put my cross stitching away after I finished the sock ornament for the people here in the park and I picked up my crocheting and knitting. All kinds of free patterns on the net so of course I copied 2 0r 3 years worth of patterns. LOL Then I put some of my cross stitch charts on Ebay and will be putting up some more probably this week. My name on there is nmstitchnmama so you can check things out once in a while. The picture below is some of the knit dish/wash cloths I have put together and had a good time doing it. Gave them to different ladies in the park. They love it when I start something new.

Got Cinderella back out of the drawer to cross stitch during the football game last week. Did a few stitches but not enough to take a picture. I just need some more hours in my days or not as much sleep. Of course if I was not on here typing an update I could be knitting. LOL Also found my old slipper instructions for knitting and have one pair made ready to sew together and asnother started. They go really fast too. Will put picture up when they have pom pom and sewed up.

Not much other news...Oh yes have new picture of my great grandson. Is that not the cutest little thing. His grandma took him to the mall and said he wore her out asking questions and touching everything. Just a shoppin away. Hard time getting him out of the Disney store. LOL Just a little payback. A little over two now.

I think there might be a little ornery look on the face.

Oh yow I even found my grandsons graduation swedish weaving afghan in a cubby hole that I have ot had out in a couple of years. Need to get that finished too.

I have the center part done and the diamonds so now I am working on the ends with the pattern and it should be ready for graduation in another year. Twins girls are in a bag waiting for them to graduate. These are a lot of fun to make. Forgot I had started it when I got so hung up on cross stitch. LOL

Well I guess I have been busy this month and justdid not know it. Guess I need to get started around here. There is laundry to do and a trip to wally world in store for today. Ughhhh. Until next time I will leave you all to your hobbies what ever they might be and hope your day is full of good things.

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