Sunday, February 7, 2010

Update about nothing

This update is just because I just finished the cutest pair of knit slippers. It has been many a year since I knit a pair and I really enjoyed it. Of course I got the first pair and SO is getting a pair..said he wanted pom poms but I said NO WAY. LOL I put a pair on eBay also to see what happens. They are so warm and toasty and my feet are always cold.

Going to watch the Super Bowl today and I am going for the Saints. SO takes the Colts all year. We bet $5.00 a gamer all year and then on the SuperBowl we bet whqt ever the person that owes owes. So guess who owes this year....lil ol me. $35.00 quite a nice little pot to win if I can. I COULD NOT PICK A WINNER THIS YEAR IT SEEMED. Oh well alls fair in football and love and war.

Watched the first Nascar race last night of the season. Really excited to see what this year brings. Looks like Jr. is still messin around in the middle of the pack. He better get his booty in gear this year.

Going to have a tailgate party (hotdogs) in the club house for the park. Counted probably 32 people. That is a lot of hot dogs.
Well that is it for this time...told you it was all about nothing. Have a good stitchy week to all my stitcher friends, good knittin and crocheting to all you friends, and a good week to all. I am just so busy.......I luv retirement..

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