Saturday, March 5, 2011


Man have I ever been busy here at my new job of managing a 12 room motel in Truth or Consequences, NM.  I was hired to pick it up and get it off the ground and I do believe I am going to make them some money after I think 6 years. I love it and it is a challenge which is what I need to keep this old  mind working.

I sure have not had time to do any cross stitching but maybe 300 stitches in 3 months.  BUT I am about all moved in, drapes up,blinds up, rugs down on hardwood floor, painting, hanging my cross stitch and being tired at night so not much cross stitching if any.  Sometimes I hit my chair and I do believe the old eyes are shut before I get comfortable.

My oldest grandson and the dad of Savannah is going to make me a great granny again and it is a boy so this will be their last child. Sure am glad because granddaughters will be getting started.  

My knitting is just laying around too.  I started a new dish clothwehen I got over here and still do not have it finished..I have it laying on the table and usually try to do a row or two in the morning during coffee but that that does not always happen either.

Since I am full again....4th night in a row....and I have my no vacancy sign on I am going to try for a few stitches tonight. 

So until I get enough stitches to see a big difference I will make you wonder how much I have done. No Picture......  Have been lurking on the boards and checking stitching for others and many there are some pretty things going on....Want to welcome all the new ones, the ones that have returned after a spell like me, prayers to all that are ill or have illness in the family, hugs to all ..and hopefully I will get in an exchange soon. I miss all the action.  Was so sorry to read about Rene and thankful that I was lurking and was aware of it.  Really miss her posting .. and  she was quite the stitcher and starter.LOL Felt like many of we had met and really knew each other.  RIP Rene...

I know this is a long one and I am missing out on maybe 2 stitches instead of one.  LOL  So until the next time..happy stitching to all.

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