Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well  I think I am starting to settle down a little.  Love the new job and my daughter is here from Phoenix to visit a while.  She had kidney stone surgery on both kidneys so she needed to rest and recuperate but my girl in housekeeping is quitting so she is teaching Susan how to clean the rooms quick...She loves it.

Have been on my cross stitch a little so I think I will put a picture on to show this time.

I think I am probably half way through some up in the right hand corner and about half of the bottom.  Looking good.  I love the little mouse in the shoe up in the left hand corner.  Cute.
Been reading all the cross stitch posts and checking blogs and pictures.  Want to welcome all you new ones.  I know you will enjoy it here and will be helped with just about anything you want to do with a needle.
Forgot who had the lovely new room on the ILCS group that her son built her but it is very very nice and looks so comfortable.  Such a lucky momma.

Oh yow got a new great grandson and Savanna has a new little brother.  How about him..I have not seen him yet but I plan on it..
Well you know what... I do not have anything else for this time.  I am on oxygen now because it is so low and also going to the pain management to take care of back and legs I hope..
Keep the needles smoking on the cross stitch site as there are a lot of SAL's going and BAP going as well. Welcome to the group all you new ones too.  You will surely enjoy.

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