Monday, April 9, 2012


Have the old fairy godmothers face and working
on Cinderella word now.
Boy this blog has really changed. Hope  I can figure it all out. I am so glad to feel better and maybe get to stick around a little now that everthhing seems to be settling down again.
My daughter Susan that came to stay with me got her CNA yesterday and I am so proud of her and of course she is happy. 
Grand kids all growing and getting cuter by the day.
The motel is usually full on the week ends but we are getting busy during the week too so that is a good thing.
Our dog Rescue is growing so big but he does look like the 15 pound pomeranian and he thinks he runs this place and is good with the guests. They love him.  He really is a sweetheart , I will get a picture in a little while. Well there he is about 4 months ago.Of course he's on my desk but I have a cute one of our table centerpiece (of which he is not to be on). Cannot find the picture.  Will have to catch him again. Also found out he is most likely the deerhead chihuahua pomeranian.

Got a new picture of my 4 year old great cowboy. He got stuck with something when he was trying to escape his grandma.  Too funny.
Well got some cross stitching done this week so will show it tomorrow. Sure hope I ge this done for
 the State Fair this year.

Slip out of here for now I will so keep your needles smoking..

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