Monday, July 30, 2012

Ohhh so long

My goodness I have been so busy that I had to go to the old blogger to get back on.  LOL Still making them little x's and now am doing a little of quilt block making.  Have always wanted to make a quilt so I have litle blocks and material laying all over this house.  Of course the dog has a ball with them.
I still do not have Cinderella done but working on her.  She is really getting pretty.
My daughter is stil here and working at the Sierra Health care center. (CNA)  has her a car now and a new boy friend that she cares about so everything is cool with her.
Seems like I have no time to get on here anymore ...had my computer go down down so lost my email addys, my readers on my blog and still trying to hunt them all down. Of course you know you have to change your email and etc. but I am back on I love cross stith and will be anwering
Debra pretty quickly.  She probably thinks I have forgot all about her but I have not and Nancy Murdock..I do manage to get to read some of the news on the web site and see all the pretty finishings an starts.

Think I will check out here for a while and get some pictures rounded up. This is little Logan on his first birthday.  Such a sweetie but still have not seen him. Forgot I had this one on here.  Of course when old comp dies pictures did to till I get someone to take them off or maybe I will figure it out in my spare time.
Going to do somework on here as they had me in moth balls I think so must decorate it up again.  LOL  Tomorro.....


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  1. Glad to see you back and that you have not forgotten me! LOL Would love to see your Cinderella, but I will forgive you since you've had computer issues! Don't let the quilting bug hit you too hard, you need to stay in stitching! :-)