Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just a little update on everything

Another update on Savannah....check the videoclip to the left. She is in the Noodle Forest at the childrens museum in Phoenix. Too cute. This was on her play day with mommy and daddy. I think the only noodle forest my kids ever saw was on their dinner plate. LOL They are so fortune in many ways with always something to do with their daughter.
Also I listed my favorite country song with a little boy lipsyncing to it and it is for a good laugh. He is so cute and I do believe he has watched Randy Housers video ....He is too good.Check it out. He is the son of one of Randys band members.

I am still busy knitting dish rags,dish towel toppers, hot pads,slippers, and cross stitching again. Oh and adding stash to Ebay.
I do believe our winter is over and the wind is blowing so spring must be here in New Mexico. Time to start cleaning the RV sites and painting the picnic tables. Thats about all I can do here anymore except listen to the tenants and take the money.
Made an appointment with an eye doc as I am having trouble with my distance vision.
Guess this is all the news for now so all my friends keep on stitchn, knittin,and what ever other hobby you might be doing. Have a good day and until later.....adios

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